Alternate recovery activities to swimming

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    I’m doing an Uphill Athlete training plan (Luke Nelson’s Intro to Ultras, or something like that), and it recommends swimming as a recovery plan. With the COVID pandemic, all the pools around me are closed, and I’m not a strong enough swimmer to do open water swimming on my own.

    I can probably find some ways to do some swim recoveries now and again with float aids or friends, but is it reasonable to swap them for other activities like slow short bike rides, etc? For me, cycling for 30 minutes is actually easier on my legs than swimming for 30 minutes, due to terrible swim technique. Any other ideas for possible recovery swaps for swimming?

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    Think of the principle, not the specifics.

    The goal is to recover, so whatever moves blood around with the least effort and least impact is a good choice. If that’s cycling, that’s fine.

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