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    Steve G

    2 questions on the Alpine Combine:

    1- Is the timed vertical ascent at Zone 3 or 4? In other words, as fast as I can ascend? Or should I calibrate this at Zone 1? I can see doing it either way, so that’s why I am asking.

    2 – when should I perform the Combine? My guess is at the start of each phase of the program?

    Thanks so much Scott and Steve – this program has brought my running and hiking back to life! The forum really helps too.

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    Steve House on #3618

    Hi Steve G,

    I’m glad you found us here and thanks for posting.

    1) This is all-out. As fast as you can do. It’s also quite similar to an Anaerobic Threshold Test as we discuss elsewhere on this site.
    2) There is no prescription for this, but our intention was that one would use it at the beginning of each training cycle. Especially the hill-climb can be a nice thing to do a re-test on from time to time to confirm your progress.

    Steve G on #3619

    Thanks Steve H – I really appreciate being able to “talk” with the authors! A great resource.
    I’ll bust it up that hill next time.

    Steve G

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