Age, Fitness, Goal, and timeline

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    I am a 53 year old male that the last 4 years has been a bit hard on. 4 Years ago I was in the best shape of my life after following the New Alpinism training for almost a year. I have a goal set for next Spring, a 15 to 20 day April Rockies ski tour. Being that that is my goal and working backwards from that takes me to August this summer to start training again for this goal. I am wondering if there are any thoughts on how I should proceed from now until then. I have some issues at the moment, such as sciatica, Acute Brachial Plexus Neuritis among just being in poor shape. Should I start just by getting in better shape, extend the Transition period, or?


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    Start training now. There’s nothing to be gained from waiting. Off-the-shelf training plans should be thought of as minimums, not maximums. (The maximum number of training weeks in a year is 52. ?)

    Whatever plan you’re using, extend the specific (peaking phase) to a maximum of six weeks. Work backward from there to today and proportionately increase each phase of the plan so that the rough percentage of time per phase is the same. (Again, except for the peaking phase which should probably stay at 4-6 weeks).

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