After the 12 week Freeride Training Plan

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    Jim Prager

    I am currently a couple weeks into the 12 week Freeride Training Plan as a way to prepare for backcountry skiing this winter. I should be done the plan at the end of December. I’m planning on touring one or two days on the weekend, avy conditions permitting, or resort skiing when they don’t. I’m trying to figure out what the rest of my week should look like. I don’t have any big trips planned at this point, so I’m just hoping to maintain fitness for spring ski mountaineering here in WA.

    Right now I’m thinking:
    Sat: Touring
    Sun: Touring
    Mon: Rest
    Tues: General Strength
    Wed: Z2
    Thurs: General Strength
    Fri: Z1/Recovery

    Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Anonymous on #6414


    If you are skiing steep lines on those touring days and really taxing the muscular endurance in your legs on those down hills then you do not need to do supplemental ME work midweek. Your plan looks good.
    I’d suggest one day a week of some Max leg strength as maintenance. This Max session can be roughly 1/2 the volume of the big weeks you finished with in terms of sets and reps. This would mean half squats to keep the strength up. It would be easy to add this to a one day a week general strength workout that included upper body and core.

    I’d replace one of the strength workouts with another recovery or Z1 level aerobic workout as aerobic base maintenance.


    Jim Prager on #6439

    Thanks Scott. This is really helpful. One follow-up question: How long can I stay in maintenance mode before needing to start a new plan?

    Unrelated website question: I’m having trouble figuring out how to add a picture to my profile. Can you let me know where I do that?


    Mariner_9 on #6455

    “Unrelated website question: I’m having trouble figuring out how to add a picture to my profile. Can you let me know where I do that?”

    Via your WordPress account. I’ll leave your other question to Scott!

    AlexFriend on #16154

    I’d like to echo Jim’s question.

    I’ve just finished the 12 week plan – absolutely epic! But I am now rolling into my ski mountaineering season – a week here, few weeks off, weekend, a week off another week….what’s the best section of the plan for general ME maintenance – is it to repeat the ME section or to find another mix?



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