AeT vs. VT1 changes

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    Paying my dues building aerobic efficiency in running after a history of training over AeT in prior running and beating myself up. My AeT was established at 126 via treadmill and aerobic cart. Max is 189. So, plenty of room for improvement on paper. Been spending about 40-50 miles per week for the past 3 months at AeT heart rate. Seeing solid results and feeling fresh. Now, 45 secs per mile faster at AeT heart rate on 10 mi runs.

    I bought a Lactate Plus and took a measurement immediately (within 60 sec) after an hour run at 126bpm yesterday. Last 10 mins of run was at AeT. Result: 1.5mmol. Will do a more thorough test soon to revise AeT since it appears to have moved up.

    Question: As AeT moves closer to AnT, does VT1 typically move along with it? I ask because I perceive VT1 is still only slightly higher than 126. Just wondering what others have experienced.

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