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AeT threshold Test Results and Discussion

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    Carl Coryell-Martin

    Hello Friends,

    I completed the AeT test this morning. I’ve attached a screenshot. My Pa:Hr was 2.9%, however, I think I wasn’t quite warmed up as when I remove the first 2.5 mins or so, my Pa:Hr goes down to about 2%, telling me that I probably went out a little slow at avg HR of 152 BpM and that my AeT is probably a bit above that…

    My Garmin, btw, estimates that the top of Zone2 is 158 BpM.

    I was surprised that my AeT was this high, to be honest. 180-47 = 133, though I’ve enjoyed a lifetime of enjoying endurance activities. My pace also felt very slow, I was running a slow jog at ~8 minutes/km.

    I feel like I have real headroom improving my pace and strength at this AeT.

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    Hi everyone, I missed the orientation zoom last week – but just had a chance to listen to it. Looking forward to meeting you all. I am from Salt Lake as well in case anyone wants to connect to workout (more precisely, we live in Sugarhouse). My number is 385-251-0871

    I was hoping I could get a bit of help interpretting my drift test results on TrainingPeaks. When I look at Carl’s screenshot above, his results and measures show up quite differently than mine do. I believe I selected RUN on my watch, so I am not sure why this would be. I do not have a measure called “Pa:Hr”. It does have “Pw:Hr” and I see one called “EF”. Any thoughts?


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    MarkPostle on #67264

    Marty, Every watch/system is a little different in how it works with trainingpeaks. You can go into the settings (the little gear wheels once you open the activity but before you click analyze) and customize which parameters you would like under run, bike, strength etc. Some watches really want to import the power data which isn’t usually very accurate or helpful. One trick I have had some luck with is to change the activity from an run to a walk then you should be back to pace:HR which is what you’re after.

    MarkPostle on #67265

    Carl, Were going to chat about the interpretation of the results on this weeks zoom a bit more. Sounds like you’re test went fairly well actually. FWIW I would 100% disregard the zone info from Garmin (or any other platform for that matter) where you don’t have transparency into how it calculated and if what they’re calling Zone 2 the same as how were defining it.


    Tahnks Mark. I have a Coros watch. I will try what you suggested above.


    OK, that worked. I have a 0.86% pa:hr.. so based on this, I am assuming that I should do it again at a faster heart rate (what would you suggest)?

    MarkPostle on #67268

    Coros watches are great otherwise. The power thing for running just isn’t quite there yet. I can’t wait until it is. In cycling its amazing as you can actually measure it directly, in running its less perfect. Just a heads up there is a sticky thread at the top of our forum where everyone is sharing their locales etc if they want. You may want to post in there as well regarding your location and goals.


    OK, that worked. I have a 0.44% pa:hr.. so based on this, I am assuming that I should do it again at a faster heart rate (what would you suggest)?

    MarkPostle on #67271

    Indeed, try again on a future day at about +5 bpm harder than this round

    Todd Hatfield on #67278

    I knew this test was coming, so I did it about 5 weeks ago, again last Thursday, and again today. The first time I was well rested – 3 days off before; last Thursday not rested – 0 days off before; today not rested – 1 day off before. “Off” days frequently include yoga for me (like yesterday which unfortunately also included a lot of moving furniture). Even though each time I felt like I could just keep going and going (except for my toes), I’m getting worse …

    1st time: 75 min (15+60); 10% incline; 3.8 mph; starting HR142; drift 5.4%
    2nd time: 75 min; 15% incline; 3.1 mph; starting HR137; drift 7.0%
    3rd time: 75 min; 15% incline; 3.0 mph; starting HR131; drift 8.8%

    I think I have two takeaways: 1) starting HR never really settles to a specific number and it seems easier to me to just bump the treadmill speed by 0.1 mph. That’s quantifiable. And 2) I’m thinking rest really is the key and that I’ll hold off re-testing until I know I’m well rested.

    Not really looking for answers at this point; just sharing data.

    lapotka on #67322

    I’m having some difficulty with my heart rate monitor while doing the test, I have a Suunto watch with the optical HR but paired it with a chest strap. the fist time i tried it started off well and 1/2 way through it said my HR was 225 for like 20 min. I changed batteries, washed strap, and switched to a different shirt and got better data but it still has random jumps , I’m just jogging along at 125 bpm and suddenly the watch says i’m at 155 or even 181 for a min and then corrects. I don’t expect the device to do much better but I’m wondering how its impacting the calculations of my test, attached is a link to my best test (i’ve done 3 in the last 6 days). anyone have a recommendation for a better chest strap or ways to improve the data? the wrist monitor has always worked pretty good for me while running but sucks when I use ski poles or handle bars or do anything with my hands, the overall accuracy seems to be more stable at higher heart rates but more prone to bouncing around on long easy walks or when the hr is lower. thanks for any thoughts.

    Mariner_9 on #67331

    Hi lapotka,

    I had the same issue with the chest strap for my Suunto watch (Ambit3 Peak). I switched to a Polar H10 sensor (which I paired with my Suunto watch) and it’s worked perfectly ever since.


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