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    Chad Di Stefano

    I know there are going to be a lot of questions on this, so sorry in advance for the post.

    I decided to do some “warm-up” AeT tests last week in preparation for today. I did three tests last week, followed by one today. The results are attached in a spreadsheet. I was hoping I wouldn’t be confused, but I am.

    Test 1 (5/11): I’ve been running a few times a week for an hour for a few months and had a feeling my threshold was around 134. I noticed I could comfortably nose breath at or below 134, but above that my nose breathing became a bit labored. I went out with 134 as my goal here, but as you can see I started a little high and blew up a bit over the course of the hour, with an average hr of 138.

    Test 2 (5/13): Given the results from test one, I decided to dial it back to 130 as a target. You can see my starting and average were very close, and my pa:hr was just over 5%. My pace was much slower than anticipated. It was a frustrating experience.

    Test 3 (5/14): I hadn’t intended to do this on back to back days, but I went out for a light jog and my frustration from the previous day got the best of me. I went out with a goal of “keep it below 130”. You can see my starting and average HR were in line at 128, and my pa:hr was comfortably below 5%. The only real problem was my pace was horrible. I felt like I was a 100 year old runner.

    Test 4 (5/16): I took 5/15 off and did UA Yoga. I went out with low expectations this morning, but given the results of test three went back to a 130 target HR. I felt extremely strong the entire run and about halfway in had an expectation that my pa:hr would be comfortably below 5%. I was extremely surprised that the pa:hr was as low as it was (0.84%), but as I said I felt really good.

    This morning my expectation for a good test would have been a starting and average HR of ~130, a pace in the low 12s, and a pa:hr between 4 and 5%. I got pretty much what I targeted with the exception that the pa:hr was so low (and in support of its accuracy I felt amazing). I was hoping this would be confirmatory of a ~130 threshold, but now I’m thinking 134 / 135 may have been right?

    Sorry for the long e-mail,

    – Chad

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    MarkPostle on #67263

    Chad, Your experience here is very typical in 2 ways. 1) different days will produce slightly different results. 2) Many times your AeT pace is slower that your thought/hoped. I would use 134 and see how you recover day to day with the understanding that this is your AeT not your target training HR. Your zone 2 will be 121-134 and I would suspect as long as you are in that range you’ll be sub AeT and get the desired effect. We are going to dig into the test results and interpretation more on this weeks zoom.

    Chad Di Stefano on #67281

    Thanks so much Mark!

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