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    Starting a new training cycle soon and wanted to check my AeT.
    Looking for someone to double-check my thinking.


    Can’t speak highly enough of the Uphill Ahtlete training plans.
    Bought the 24 week mountaineering plan and modified it to the 12 weeks I had to train for a month of alpine climbing in the North Cascades.

    Did the indoors DIY AeT test when I started (about 18 weeeks ago now) and found my AeT to be around 140.

    I have never felt more aerobically fit. Usually, the approaches can be the toughest part of a climb for me and this time I felt like I could go on for days. Did a number of single day pushes of what are usually two day objectives and felt really strong throughout.

    The only downside is I did not feel as strong with my technical climbing as I wanted to. I was training at the rock gym about once every 7-10 days. That said, I took it to heart that you can only work on one thing at a time and definitely aerobic fitness was key.

    My next big objective will be ice climbing in Bozeman all of December,and all of January in Ouray, so will probbaly choose a plan that’s more oriented towards ice/mixed climbing.

    Treadmill 10% incline
    15 minute warmup gradually increasing speed until limit of nose breathing.

    For me, from my experience in the Cascades, I know lately that’s been between 145 and 148, depending on the day. So I set a speed that had me start at about 145.

    After that, speed stayed exactly the same for 60 minutes

    First 30 Minutes (Average Heart Rate): 151
    Second 30 Monutes (Average Heart Rate): 159

    Difference: 8 bpm (5.2%)


    Zone 1: 0 – 129
    Zone 2: 130 – 145
    Zone 3: 145 – 160
    Zone 4: 160 +

    Does this all sound about right?

    Open to all feedback!

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    Anonymous on #26144

    Yes, this sounds like you did it correctly and should adhere to 145 for the time being and retest in a few weeks.


    Anonymous on #26232

    The one thing I would change is to start the next test a little slower. Starting right at your AeT heart rate almost guarantees that the average HR during the test will be above AeT. I would start it 5-10 beats lower than AeT, especially for a 60′ test.

    Pete on #26291

    Hi Scott & Scott 🙂

    I have one issue with Pa:Hr ration in TP. I usually run on flat circuit (returning after injury) and the duration is also pretty much the same – around one hour. But my Pa:Hr rates differ drastically. Example: 28th July, afternoon run, 1 h, avg HR is 106, Pa:Hr is 0.81%. 29th July, afternoon run, 1 h, avg HR is 119, Pa:Hr is 10.49% (I went quicker as my Pa:Hr ration was so low the day before. Through entire run I was able to easily breath through my nose). 30th July, morning run, 47 minutes, avg HR is 112, Pa:Hr is 9.72%. You can see that there is quite a difference in results. I can take into account that maybe I was a bit tired, but I didn’t feel like tired. Each day I was fresh and also I try to run with intensity that dr. Noakes suggests in his book “Lore of running” where he says that the run should be so easy that you could do the same circuit again right after you finished it. And it certainly feels like I can do it again. Note: I always run the same circuit.

    When searching for answers I came to a conclusion that I might be suffering from ADS as this would explain a lot of my questions and irregularities described. My current CTL is 80. On the other hand I just might be in a very bad shape and should do huge amounts of running bellow 110 BPM in order to be within 5% of Pa:Hr ratio.

    I also conducted a test to determine my AnT. I was going as hard as I could uphill for an hour. My average HR was 163 bpm and at the end I felt that I could have gone a bit faster – I was not dead tired and the following day I could continue with normal training (no sore legs).

    I would appreciate if you could give me any insights into this issue as I would really like to resolve this mistery and start training with he confidence that I am doing it right.



    Pete on #26384

    Just to elaborate about my foot injury. I was off training for about 2,5 months and I started training again in the beginning of November last year. I started lightly, just to get my aerobic capacity back, later I added strength training. So all in all I again regularly train for the past 7-8 months. Before my injury I was regularly training in one way or another for the past 6 years with different UA training plans.


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