AeT TEST. Slighty confused with the results.

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    I can’t seem to find the information neither online or in the book (maybe haven’t read far enough).

    Yesterday I did the AeT test which I failed since my Pr:Hr ratio was negative (-3%). My guessings are that the ground wasn’t flat enough (the flattest I found). Slightly uphill first 30 min and therefor downhill 30 min on the way back. Either way I’m confused. My pace was on avergae 9min/km which is very slow considering my average HR on 149. And since I got a negative result I’m assuming the HR should be slightly risen.
    I did a 15 min warm-up with the same HR. The low HR in the start is me slowing down and stopping a few seconds to change the tracking program on the watch.

    I’ll be able to try this test again on a more even surface in a week or so.

    Wondering if I should try to start with a higher HR or stay with 149 next time as well?

    Is the low pace vs the higher HR a sign of ADS or anything else? As I understood the HR should be low as well if its ADS.

    P.S. I have a history of lots of professional classical ballet training, many hours a day, until 18 years of age, 9 years ago. Since then I’ve been doing many different activities (yoga, climbing, ski mountaineering and running) just for fun, no specific training. Which is also a reason for why I’m confused by the high HR. Assumed it would be lower. D.S.

    Heres a link to the test on TP



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    If you’ve not watched this yet, please do. It might answer most of your questions:

    A negative Pa:Hr is what you’d expect in an out and back test. That’s why we recommend against that kind of a course. Try it on a loop course even it is rolls some. Keep less than 50m vert/km. Rather than adjust starting Hr yet try a new course that is not uphill one way and down hill coming back.

    The pace is going to be what the pace is. If it is 9min/km that means that this is all the ATP your aerobic system is capable of producing right now. That’s what is called your aerobic capacity. Go faster and the balance of ATP production will have to come from the anaerobic system. People with out a solid history of aerobic base training will usually see this result. The good news, and you can read it all over this site (testimonials and forum posts), is that this is easy to fix. it only takes patience.

    Good luck and report back.

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