Aet test round three

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    I just did a steep treadmill test a week ago and found a 5.2% drift at 140bpms. So my aet is barely 140.

    So imagine my surprise when I did this test again yesterday, this time outdoors, on one of my flat 90 minute Aet runs. I had a gain and loss of less than 50 feet on roads. I ran for 1:30 targeting 140bpms, my average HR was actually 142 and my Pa:Hr was between -0.26 to 1.5 depending on which section I highlight. Since that is very much below 3% (for 90 minutes not just 60) does that suggest my Aet is actually much higher than 142? Perhaps even high 140s?

    That would be awesome but it would also surprise me that I have a higher Aet outdoors than in the treadmill test I wrote about above. Would this suggest I am much more efficient at running than hiking uphill on a treadmill? Or maybe it just goes to show that some days we perform better than others and HR is variable day to day. I have also read here that one can run at Ant for an hour without a drift so maybe that explains this too.

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    The most likely cause is the difference in economy in running on flat ground versus hiking uphill. Especially if the grade of the treadmill was over 20%.

    It could be that you were having a good day on the run test, maybe more rested??

    I’ve definitely seen differences in AeT depending on modality.

    Don’t be afraid to use 2 AeTs. One for running. One for hiking uphill.


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    I guess I’m not surprised that a slog uphill is less efficient than a lithe run on flats. Just was surprised to find my Aet may be getting closer to my Ant of 168 than I ever thought possible. The treadmill was only on 15%. I don’t think I was more rested, maybe just having a good day and being outdoors is better than on a treadmill.

    hikerobby on #47562

    Well, I tried to really overshoot it today. I ran the same outdoor flat street course at 152 and again my Pa:Hr was BELOW zero: -0.63!!!

    What does it mean? This is the second test I got below zero.

    If I shot from 133 to 160 in 10 weeks I would be amazed

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