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    I just took a Lactate Threshold test with a breathing mask and would appreciate some help looking at the results. This testing lab has more of a cycling focus so I don’t really understand the Zones they show. I did a 15 min warm up at my own pace, then stages every 3 minutes on the treadmill. They increased speed by .3mph every stage.

    I also took a LT test at UC Boulder Sports Center two years ago and have included the results. They were familiar with the Uphill Athlete protocol and provided me with the correct HR Zones.

    Any thoughts on the data would be appreciated, looks like my AeT is now 162 and my AnT is 179? I would like to know what my low end of zone 2 is though, according to their chart they have it from 90-161 BPM.

    Any thoughts on my data vs. the data from 2018?

    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate this forum!

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    Yes, it look like your aerobic threshold is around 162bpm. You could pick a Zone 2 that’s about 15bpm wide, so ~150-165 give or take. It’s not an exact science. The 10% difference between aerobic threshold and anaerobic threshold suggests an opportunity to focus on more volume below AeT. Good work getting your AeT up from 150bpm to 165bpm over the past year and a half!

    Zuko on #36661

    Thank you for the response! I appreciate it.

    I was surprised the AeT went up so high, I must of been out of shape during the first test in 2018.

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