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    Hi Coaches

    I performed the AET test today; I did a 1 Hour 40 Min test, my BPM was stable after reaching 146-147. Based on the last 60-mins BPM analysis, the difference is 1.35%, meaning my AET is 150 or above.

    Could you kindly look at the test and provide your valuable feedback & suggested AET number?

    A bit of background:

    1. My AET was 145 at the start of the previous training group. My ANT is 170 BPM.
    2. MY Aerobic pace and stamina have improved significantly after these three months of training.

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    MarkPostle on #63292

    Great to hear that you’re making progress Umer! If your HR drift was only around 1% for that kind of time frame assuming a constant speed and incline then indeed likely 150+. Of course this is just one data point but I would consider doing the AeT test again next week with a start HR of around 152 and seeing what kind of drift you produce. Nice work!

    Umer on #63296

    Dear Mark

    Thank you for the reply. I will do the Aet Test again next week.

    Thank you for all the guidance and prompt responses. MTG has been a hugely impactful & excellent learning experience.


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