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    Performed an AeT test on treadmill yesterday. I aimed for 156 bpm and given I managed to pull it off with 3% Pa:HR drift I’d assume I am correct with setting this value as my AeT – or should I attempt a little higher? I was able to breathe steadily all the time.

    That’s the test result:

    Background: I’m fixing my ADS since May last year. After acknowledging my training mistakes I had to start at run-walk method because trying not to exceed 140 bpm while running was impossible. This had me moving at 8:40 min/km pace which is close to my 1st runs ever. My “comfortable pace” was like 6:20-ish with my HR around 160 bpm and I was not able to speed up any further. Now I can manage to run @6:20 on a good day averaging 140 bpm which means I’ve had some success, now assuming my AnT is around 172 bpm (will need to retest) seems like I am ready to get some speed in, finally.

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    todd.struble on #56682

    For what it’s worth, that’d be close enough for me to use as my AeT value. Maybe the coaches will have more detail, but for me I start getting into splitting hairs territory when I remember AeT is a moving target and depends on recovery state, stress, sleep, etc. But as I just said in the other thread about negative drift results, the good thing about these tests is that you can do them pretty often since they shouldn’t be too hard to recover from!

    Shashi on #56686

    Thanks for sharing the Training Peaks link. Your average HR for the first half is 155 and for the second half is 160 which gives you an HR drift of about 3.2%

    As Todd said, you can use 156 as your AeT. Although it might be easy to use 155 to set heart rate zones.

    We have very similar thresholds and journeys to fix ADS. Thanks for sharing the background info. Great job!

    igietka on #56687

    Thanks Todd, I suppose I’d take it as my AeT and check with it after some time again (and regularly).

    Thanks Shashi. Well – It would be nice to know all these things I learned from Uphill Athlete book/forums when I was starting to run – would save much time and some pain — however, it’s never too late to fix things. Luckily people are able to learn from their mistakes unless they were lethal 🙂

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