AET test – long warmup necessary?

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    I’m starting a new training cycle, so I did an AET test on an incline treadmill.

    How long do people generally warm up for before an AET test?

    I’ve found that it takes about 25 minutes of warming up until my HR really stabilizes. Even on training hikes or actual climbs, I find that going quick straight out of the gate negatively affects my performance, even like an hour later, whereas spending 25-30 minutes starting slow and gradually increasing speed pays off

    Are there any detriments to a longer warmup when doing an AET test?
    I could definitely see how too short a warmup could screw up results.
    I was a little concerned the longer warmup could affect the test.

    Posting the link to the TP graph.
    Any feedback on the test itself welcome!


    WARMUP (20 mins)
    I kept the incline at 10% throughout and gradually increased the speed until about minute 20.

    Average HR: 155
    Kept the incline and speed constant.

    Average HR: 161
    Kept the incline and speed constant

    (Second Half – First Half) / First Half
    (161 – 155) / 155 = 3.8%

    AET = 150

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    Shashi on #54900

    Your warm-up time is okay. When I was still figuring out the incline/speed combination for desired target HR, my warm-up was 30+ minutes. Most tests, I have seen warm-ups in 15-30 minute range. The test looks good based on the first half and second half numbers you posted.

    Your HR at the start of the warm-up is 126, which seemed high. There might have been some other activity that resulted in this high heart rate or you started tracking HR a few minutes into the workout.

    floresrm on #54904

    Thanks Shashi!

    Yeah, I took a brisk walk to the gym (it’s about 5 minutes away).
    I guess I should have included it!

    Shashi on #54906

    You don’t have to include it. I just thought will clarify and make sure I am not missing anything. Your test is good.

    Anonymous on #54911

    Really well done.

    As Shashi said, there’s no downside to a long warm-up. In contrast, it’s actually better as you’ve noticed. It takes longer for the aerobic system to become fully engaged.

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