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    I’ve started Luke Nelson’s Intro to Ultra Running plan in preparation for a 50km ultra in October and I’ve done the AeT test.

    My average heart rate for 1 hour was 163bpm and the PA/HR was calculated at 2.2%.

    However, my understanding is that it is the initial heart rate that is the AeT according to my reading of this article:

    If so, then my initial heart was 153pm and I should set that as the top of Zone 2. Does that make sense or am I missing something?

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    kfj on #42089


    If I interpret Scott correctly you should use the average HR of the first half of your test. You can read this thread: could you pleas share your activity on TP?

    Anonymous on #42096

    Yes, if you share the workout, then we can take a closer look.

    In general, you want to divide the average of the second half by the average of the first half to find the percentage drift. Depending on the degree of drift, you can inc/dec-rease your target AeT HR.

    Mark on #42103

    Thanks, Scott!

    Here is the TP workout:

    Unfortunately, I’ve neglected to continue using the Premium version as I can’t really afford it at the moment. I’ve been using the free tool that was provided by another user of the site but it doesn’t allow me to isolate data in the manner suggested in the other thread.

    Anonymous on #42120

    Looking at that workout I see that the avg HR for the first 1/2 (after your HR stabilized in the low 160s) was 163. The avg for the second half was 165. That’s essentially no decoupling between HR and pace. If there had been a 5% difference between those two averages then I would suggesting using the initial HR (after it stabilized) in this case 162 or so. But since there was very little decoupling I think you should either retest starting at 165 or just call the top of Z2 165. You’re getting quite close even with this guess.


    deckersdan on #42122

    So is limited decoupling a sign that you aren’t near AeT? I sent three of my tests to the coach email and was told my AeT is around 144. I had one test averaging around ~160 that was entirely flat and I’m wonndering why that didnt factor into the discussion at all. I’m not doubting that my AeT is 144, just wondering why my higher HR test wouldn’t factor into it.

    Mark on #42124

    Scott – thank you very much. This really helps!

    Anonymous on #42154

    …unless ~160 is close to your anaerobic threshold. With respect to drift, the difference between the two thresholds is:

    • At the aerobic threshold, heart rate drift could increase but doesn’t.
    • At the anaerobic threshold, heart rate drift doesn’t increase because it can’t.

    There’s very limited downside in underestimating your AeT. But there is a very significant downside in overestimating it. As a double-check, I would circle back to the coach that suggested 144, link them to this thread, and see what they think of our comments. Perhaps there’s something else that they noticed to suggest 144.

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