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    I just did my AeT test, I got 165 as an average, the entire 15min I was nose breathing it wasn’t noisy but towards the end I did have to concentrate to keep my mouth closed so maybe I should have slowed down?

    The other question is now I have a reference point, do I just keep doing zone 2 work outs for 30min plus for 6 to 10 weeks before including zone 3 and 4? Also I know the more frequent the better but should these be daily? Looking for guidance on duration and frequency to start and as I progress say week 1, then 2 ect… I saw the transition guide in the book but wasn’t sure if I should follow that for 1st starting off.

    Also when should I do the AnT test? Being a total newbie, I’m assuming I need to find a pace that’s hard but sustainable for 30min and the average heart rate is my AnT?

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    Rachel on #43923

    You’ll want to read this article:

    juskojj on #43926

    After reading that its seems like I may have been too high…. I’ll redo the test bc according to the basic 180-age I’m around 20 beats too high and considering I haven’t done any training or running in a long time I probably should be closer to 140 not 165.

    Anonymous on #43970

    What Rachel said!


    * The average in the test isn’t what you’re looking for. Re-read the test description.
    * If you’re taking the time to test your thresholds, ignore generic formulas (220-age, MAF, etc). There’s as likely wrong as right, so aka, a crapshoot. We hates crapshoots.

    juskojj on #43972

    This is the test I did:

    My average is the 15min average talked about in the article. The 1st time I did it I didn’t to talk, the 2ne time I talked to myself as a gauge

    Anonymous on #43988

    Ah, right. Thanks for the link. We should update that article with a link to the one that Rachel posted.

    We’ve moved away from using nose breathing as an indicator of AeT. It works for those with a strong base, but many people suffering from ADS can nose breathe above their AeT.

    It’d be much more accurate to use the assessment(s) described in the article that Rachel linked to.

    juskojj on #44006

    Ugh, paying for a premium membership for a test seems a bit much for me.

    I’ll hedge my bets on the 140 since I’m way out of shape and haven’t run in probably over a year……

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