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AeT Test Confusion (I know, another one…)

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    Hello All,

    I am using the 24 week program to get ready for a Kili climb in June. I am having trouble completing the AeT test, which is an issue as I am in week 2. I have tried the test 5 times so far.

    Typically my heart rate stays in the 120s and then goes up to the 150s after about 20 minutes. I am not sure why this is, and typically I am fiddling with the pace on a treadmill to try to get my heart rate up when this happens.

    I should say that in the past I have used the elliptical or an indoor bike, and workout about 3-4x per week. I do not think my AeT is in the 150s, this seems way too high.

    Yesterday I did the following experiment: Treadmill for 60 minute, pace of 3.2, incline of 15%. I did not touch any setting and just waited to see what my heart would do.

    Below you can see the data obtained with my Coros Vertix, both a screen shot and the .gz file.

    What am I doing wrong? How can I fix it?

    Thanks in advance, this forum is awesome!

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    IdTamer on #36762

    .gz file attached

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    OwenFW on #36765

    Why do you think that number is too high? What else is going on with your body? How is your breathing? Is it consistent with aerobic metabolism? Are you beginning to sweat at 20 min, which can hurt wrist-based HR monitors and help chest straps? Have you tried using a different monitor?

    If anything, your data looks like your AeT may be a little higher since there isn’t much drift at all, but it’s hard to see averages from the graph.

    IdTamer on #36767

    I am definitely sweating at 20 minutes, the coros is a wrist-based HR monitor, and I checked my pulse manually and confirmed it was accurate once the rate increased. I figure the manual check of my HR is as good as another monitor (I don’t have another one unfortunately).

    The number seems high to me, based on what I have read here. How can I tell if my breathing is consistent with aerobic metabolism? I definitely cannot hold a conversation easily while maintaining this pace.

    Thanks for the help

    Dada on #36768

    I would also asume something with your HR monitor. Do you put water or sonar gel on your chest strap before your exercise? Do you clean the chest strap before and after training?


    IdTamer on #36770

    The coros vertix is a watch, I do not have access to a chest strap unfortunately.

    Anonymous on #36777

    You need to get a chest strap. ALL wrist monitors are junk–i.e. useless for proper training–and now you’ve seen why!

    The Vertix will connect with chest straps. I’ve used one with a TICKR strap in particular.

    IdTamer on #36780

    Thank you for the feedback!

    I did check my pulse manually and found it to match the vertix several times.

    What do you think the data would mean if it were accurate?

    Anonymous on #36781

    It doesn’t mean anything other than it’s a wrist monitor. And wrist monitors are inaccurate. All of them. We see this A LOT.

    Steve House (friend, boss, and owner of Uphill Athlete) is sponsored by Coros (the company that makes the Vertix). Steve wears a chest strap.

    It’s not a reflection on Coros or Suunto or Garmin or Whoop or whoever. (Well, maybe on Whoop.) The technology just isn’t good enough to train with.

    Here’s a comparison of the Whoop with a Garm Fenix (with a chest strap):

    Should Whoop change its name to Whoops?

    Anonymous on #36782

    P.S. That comparison above was for the same workout while wearing both devices…

    Shashi on #36783

    IdTamer – I have Coros Apex. I relate to what you are saying about accuracy of the wrist HR monitor as I had similar thoughts going through my own tests and getting set up with the 24 week plan. However based on all the forum posts / articles related to this topic I decided to get Wahoo Tickr HR chest strap.

    I don’t know if the bump you see from 120s to 150s will go away but at least with HR chest strap you can get more accurate readings.

    Also, do you do a separate 15-20 min. warm-up or is warm-up included in your 60 min. workout?

    IdTamer on #36785

    Sorry Scott, I do not see the image

    Can you attach as a jpeg?

    IdTamer on #36786


    This data set did not have a warm up other than stretching. Before when I tried the warm up period I had the same results, kind of baffling.

    I will pick up the Tickr from REI, looks like they have one in stock!

    I will keep you all posted

    Anonymous on #36806

    Weird. I see it when I look at this thread. Anyway, you can check it out here.

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