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    I’ve just completed the AeT test in week 1 of the 20 week mountain running plan but wihtout a treadmill I’ve used an elliptical (which I use frequently for cross training) and am hoping the results are still valid. After a 15 minute ramp up to my target HR of 153 I maintained the rpm for 1 hour. Training peaks gives a pa:hr reading of just over 3% for the hour and the first 30 mins average heart rate is 154 and the second 30 minutes 159. Does this mean it’s about 5% and therefore the top end of my threshold? I had to put the resistance onto max for the test and whilst my breating was OK felt like the legs were pushing it a bit. I’m not sure how I’ll keep things turning over for 45 minutes for the AnT test in a few daystime if I do that on the elliptical….

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    Cory from Wisconsin on #73642

    Not sure how you acquired the data, but unless the machine is also feeding your pace data into training peaks, I don’t believe the pa:hr calculation can be used. It works for outdoor data where you are layering GPS data (pace) and HR, but the recommendation for indoor tests is to set the treadmill at a constant speed and then manually compare your HR drift over the duration of the workout. This is done by comparing the avg HR for the first half (after warm up) to the average HR for the second half and seeing if its in the 3-5% drift. Over 5% drift and your starting HR was too high, under 3% and your starting HR was too low. It appears you are trying to combine both methods into one test.

    If the elliptical machine did not track pace and you are relying on your own ability to keep pace at your desired RPM, I wonder if that is accurate enough? I would imagine there are some small fluctuations over the hour that may impact your results. Assuming the pace was 100% stable, the starting target of 153 would be the top end of your Z2 (also tied to your AeT). The 154 and 159 are just to measure the drift, but the HR that matters for the top of the Z2 is the starting HR for the test, so set your top of Z2 at 154 in Training Peaks.

    davelockyer101 on #73684

    Thanks. I think the pace came from me setting the distance at the end of the activity. The rpm (68) was consistent throughout the activity once I’d warmed up and only drifted by 1-2 rpm. 154 sounds about right. I performed a similar nose breathing test about 3 years ago and it came to 155.

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