AeT run history, and next threshold advice needed

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    Hi everyone,
    So in by the end of April this year I decided to get serious about AeT run after having read TfTNA and I decided to use the MAF formula which led me to 141 for AeT, and to be conservative I decided to go for 135. Drift test was not possible at that time due to lockdown policy. I am pretty sure I was (and still is) eligible to ADS.
    So I use 135 threshold for 4/5 months until end of September when our lockdown finally ended… I run twice a week between 45 min to an hour generally.
    By the end of September I did a drift test, and it turns out that I chose 141 to be my new AeT Threshold. Which I have been using for the past 2 months.
    Today, I did a drift test, and I am actually quite not sure what to think…
    I use the AeT calculator of this website with tells me 3.8% drift at an average of 149 BPM during the hour after 15 min warmup. It was pretty hot, and I am not really sure what to take as a BPM value to start with. I kind of noticed that BPM moves pretty quick if I don’t pay attention, and it was quite sunny and hot. Summer is coming here, and as soon as I am under the sun, BPM rises easily even if I don’t change the pace.
    Would you say that I could use this new value as threshold ?
    I will let you the TP link for the wo and also my last workout which was not a drift test and lasted an hour (with a 1.1% drift again with website AeT calculator after warmup).
    For the data, I don’t understand but elevation data in my TP are not relevant most of the time. Where I run, there’s no more than a 150 feet gain so (47 meters actually), it is pretty flat. And for the pace spike that can be seen, I think it’s due to the building area as I don’t change pace that much.
    On the feeling side, it still feels pretty slow (and it is anyway) but I am not sure that I could have a conversation at that BPM (temperature was quite hot today).
    here are the TP links (I provide the second half of the link to avoid spam filter)

    Sunday Drift test
    last Thursday run :

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    Sorry for the delay.

    163 / 160 = 1.019 (1.9%)

    Assuming you didn’t test AnT by accident, you can use 160 as AeT, and maybe test 165 next time.

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