AeT run history, and next threshold advice needed

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    Hi everyone,
    So in by the end of April this year I decided to get serious about AeT run after having read TfTNA and I decided to use the MAF formula which led me to 141 for AeT, and to be conservative I decided to go for 135. Drift test was not possible at that time due to lockdown policy. I am pretty sure I was (and still is) eligible to ADS.
    So I use 135 threshold for 4/5 months until end of September when our lockdown finally ended… I run twice a week between 45 min to an hour generally.
    By the end of September I did a drift test, and it turns out that I chose 141 to be my new AeT Threshold. Which I have been using for the past 2 months.
    Today, I did a drift test, and I am actually quite not sure what to think…
    I use the AeT calculator of this website with tells me 3.8% drift at an average of 149 BPM during the hour after 15 min warmup. It was pretty hot, and I am not really sure what to take as a BPM value to start with. I kind of noticed that BPM moves pretty quick if I don’t pay attention, and it was quite sunny and hot. Summer is coming here, and as soon as I am under the sun, BPM rises easily even if I don’t change the pace.
    Would you say that I could use this new value as threshold ?
    I will let you the TP link for the wo and also my last workout which was not a drift test and lasted an hour (with a 1.1% drift again with website AeT calculator after warmup).
    For the data, I don’t understand but elevation data in my TP are not relevant most of the time. Where I run, there’s no more than a 150 feet gain so (47 meters actually), it is pretty flat. And for the pace spike that can be seen, I think it’s due to the building area as I don’t change pace that much.
    On the feeling side, it still feels pretty slow (and it is anyway) but I am not sure that I could have a conversation at that BPM (temperature was quite hot today).
    here are the TP links (I provide the second half of the link to avoid spam filter)

    Sunday Drift test
    last Thursday run :

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    GuillaumeM on #47727

    I just want to add to the forum moderation that you will find some 3 or 4 topics that are equal to that one in the spam filter.
    I finally found out that putting some link in a post just makes it filtered.
    So to any moderator, I am sorry and you can remove the others topics that lay in the spam filter;

    GuillaumeM on #47994

    anyone has any advice ? please 🙂

    Anonymous on #48036

    I’m not sure why it would be flagged as spam. Other links to workouts come through fine.

    Can you try one link per post?

    GuillaumeM on #48058

    Hi Scott,
    yes let’s try
    aet drift test outside on flat ground.

    GuillaumeM on #48059

    and the other run

    It looks like it works that way… Maybe it doesn’t work when you want to create a new topic…

    Anonymous on #48109

    Lots of gain in the first one. So that’s (too) hard to interpret.

    The second one has less gain, but a decent amount of loss. That also causes issues trying to compare pace to HR.

    With three moving targets (HR, pace, gain), it’s hard to make any conclusions. Can you try again and use an outdoor track? If so, keep HR within a 5-beat range. Then TP will calculate the Pa:HR. As in the first test, make sure you warm-up for at least 15m.

    GuillaumeM on #48118

    Hi Scott,

    thank you for your answer.
    The thing is that the loss/gain altitude is irrelevant on my TP records… I don’t know exactly why, but it Looks like there is an altitude correction available only for TP premium too. This correction is available on my Garmin account though;
    Actually, my gain/loss in these 2 runs is barely the same, around 47m in total.
    I’ll link the gain/loss profile from Garmin.
    Let me know if this is too much, but on my side it just feels flat.



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    Anonymous on #48149

    I can’t tell if that’s a pace profile or an elevation profile.

    Why not just test on a track so then you know for sure what you’re measuring?

    GuillaumeM on #48275

    Hi Scott,
    thanks again for your answer.
    I just did a new drift test today and after 15 minutes warm-up, I stayed in one park which is flat. no access to track anyway, everything is closed due to lockdowns here in Santiago.
    Just want to point out that the altitude gain in my TP link is wrong and irrelevant.
    You’ll find some spikes again, and I will link the Garmin altitude correction as previously done.
    Website’s AeT Calculator says that there’s almost no drift (-0,4%), but I am curious about that.
    Thanks a lot.

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    GuillaumeM on #48277

    let me add another screenshot of Garmin data
    allure = pace
    altitude is in meters, pace in min/km
    cardiac frequency looks a bit bumpy on Garmin.


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    Anonymous on #48418

    Good test. If it was a flat course, then everything you need to know is in the Pa:HR metric. The drift was just over 2%, so I think you can use 150 bpm as AeT.

    GuillaumeM on #51984

    Hi !
    So I just did a drift test yesterday.
    Using AeT Calculator from this website, I’ve got a .4% drift,
    Can anyone check this out using TP as I don’t have a premium account,
    so to have comparison.
    I ran in a flat area but with lots of buildings around. That could explain some
    pace spikes. Again, feet gain is horribly wrong looking at it on TP.
    During the whole run, garmin app says that my whole meters gain is 54 meters.
    here’s the link :

    Rachel on #51993

    The drift on that last test is 1%.

    GuillaumeM on #51996

    Hi Rachel !
    Thanks for your input. 🙂
    I guess I have got a new AeT Threshold then which is good as this means I got rid of ADS. I am kind of happy with that after 10 month of regular work 🙂

    GuillaumeM on #53843

    this will be my last request as I think I have reached a good AeT threshold.
    According to the AeT calculator linked in this website, there’s a 2,6% drift.
    Could anyone tell me what they say on Training peaks ?
    (elevation is completely wrong in my TP. Course was flat, 70 feet elevation gain at most)
    What would you advise me as AeT threshold ? My last AnT test was 171 as a threshold, so I’d say I can now switch to more Z1 running, and integrate Z3 workouts.

    One thing I want to add is that drift test + warm up + warm down (1H30) was longer than I usually run, as most of my run are 45 to 60 minutes. So After the run, legs felt tired and a bit sore. We’ll see that tomorrow, because I know that AeT run should feel like an every day workout and feel rested the day after.



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