Aet round four

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    I apologize for the multiple posts, I would tried to continue old threads but old posts don’t seem to get much attention around here. Also, I would love to attach the link to my Aet tests but it seems that when I do that, the post does not post. If someone has any advice I would love to attach these tests because I am very confused.

    Basically, three weeks ago I did a 15% incline treadmill test and found a 5.2% drift at 140bpms. So I thought my aet must be 139/140ish, which improved on my original 133 so I was happy.

    Then I did it outside a week later outdoors on one of my flat 90 minute Aet runs. My average HR was 142 and my Pa:Hr was between -0.26 to 1.5 depending on which section I highlight. I inquired here and Scott thought maybe I had a good day of running. And perhaps I am more efficient at running flat than hiking steep.

    I then really tried to overshoot last week on the same outdoor flat street course at 152bpm and again my Pa:Hr was BELOW zero: -0.63

    Finally, I did it again today, averaging 162 for an hour and my Pa:Hr was 1.9

    If I shot from 133 to 160 in 11 weeks I would be amazed. Perhaps it is because of the cold? The treadmill was in a sweaty gym.

    This 162bpm run today felt like a tempo run, I still only had a Pa:Hr 1.9 but it didn’t feel like I could do that forever that’s for sure. So I am confused. I did a Ant test at 168 three weeks ago but I think I could have gone harder so likely Ant is 175

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    nullkru on #47875

    I had similar toughts on my AeT tests. I’m curious what the pros says.

    Anonymous on #47916

    It seems you are comparing apples to oranges.

    The hot gym test is probably low due to the heat stress causing elevated HR and RPE for the pace. Hiking uphill is going to be different from a muscular loading (ME effect) than running on flats.

    The most common reason for negative Pa:Hr in TP is that folks used an out and back course that was gradually up in the first half and gradually down in the second. It can be almost imperceptible and still cause this.

    If that is not rue for you I would go with the outside test results. If you plan to do most of your training by hiking, a hiking test will be appropriate. If you plan to do most of it running then a running test will be best.

    As for your perceived exertion being quite high at 162: what was the pace at this HR? When you did the AnT test what was the pace (if they were the same modality).


    hikerobby on #47922

    I do most of my training running on trails (walking uphills and running the rest, my HR would be too low if I don’t run). I do my Aet tests on flats bc that is what the directions say. As for my course, if anything it is uphill at the end. But it’s quite flat, gain of 30 loss of 16 feet. I would love to link my files but I can’t figure out how, the posts don’t post when they have links in them.

    As for my perceived exertion, the 140bpm seems super slow, but that is what ya’ll say it should feel like at first. The 152 test felt good. The 162 test felt way too fast, I needed to stop right at 60 minutes. I was doing bw 9:30 and 10 minute miles at that heart rate. My Ant test was on a steep hill and my NGP was 9:00/miles.

    hikerobby on #48102

    So yeah, since the course is not slightly downhill on the second half, and having my Pa:Hr at 1.9 only 6 BPMs below my Ant makes no sense to me.

    hikerobby on #48258

    I also don’t know how to not compare apples to oranges. Either I run fast on flats and hold HR steady and use Pa:Hr to see change in pace…. or I hold incline and speed constant on a treadmill and see change in HR. My main form of training is trail running which isn’t well replicated by either of those options.

    hikerobby on #48542

    Well I repeated the test, this time on a track, which is super boring but more accurate. I got a Pa:Hr of 3.8 at 161BPMs. So I guess I have a fairly high Aet. Kinda bummed bc it feels like a lot of effort to run like that, doesn’t seem like I could run forever, also bummed that I need to get rid of my Z2 training bc my Ant is 168 (likely higher, I need to retest). We have come full circle: I started this training journey walking or barely jogging and now I guess I go back to that after 14 weeks of training!

    My pace for road versus trail is very different. I could never run at 8:15 road pace and often run less than 15:00 pace in the mtns. I am still unsure how to test Aet for trail running without a method to keep grade consistent for 60 minutes.

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