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    Have a quick question; I just did an aerobic threshold test today and my Pa:Hr was less than 3.5% (2.49%). How long do you recommend waiting before retesting?

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    Shashi on #50327

    It depends on your training volume and if you have ADS, but I think the general recommendation is to do AeT test every 4-6 weeks.

    Here is a forum discussion on this topic that you might find helpful.

    Anonymous on #50429

    It also depends on the gap between AeT HR and AnT HR. Have you done an AnT test?

    TK on #50433

    I haven’t done the AnT test yet, I was planning to on Tues. 2/9. I was wondering if I should retest for AeT sooner since it wasn’t in the suggested 3.5-5% Pa:Hr range (it was at 2.49% on Tues 2/2)? Or just adjust HR up slightly for it until the normal 4-6 week retest?

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    Rachel on #50444

    Can you share the graph as well?

    TK on #50448

    Here’s the graph

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    Rachel on #50458

    It looks like your starting average HR was about 143? You could just use 145 for your AeT until you retest next.

    When you do retest maybe try for a flatter course or try to keep the elevation change the same for the first & second halves. It’s not a lot of up and down but you did do most of the uphill in the first half which could affect things — but it wasn’t much. TP does tend to exaggerate the elevation change.

    TK on #50462

    Thanks for the replies. I’ll do the 145 HR suggestion and retest at beginning of next training block testing at a higher HR.
    Unfortunately that is the flattest terrain I have and will use pretty much the same route on the next test for consistency.
    Thanks again.

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