AeT Results?

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    I have done the Drift test 2x

    1. Done on apple watch at 2.5 mph treadmill 10% grade
    0-30 -> 109
    30-60 -> 106

    2. Suunto Heart Rate strap
    0-30 -> 112
    30-60 -> 110

    0-30 -> 113
    30-60 -> 111

    2&3 Done at the same time as an apple watch measurement below ( I was curious )
    at about 3mph on treadmill. 10% grade

    What do I put for my zones?

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    I take what you wrote to mean that for your second example, the first 30 minutes your heart rate averaged 112 beats per minute and for the second 30 minutes it average 110 beats per minute. Right? A few things come to mind:

    – That’s very steady, which is great. If the hour felt good, and like you could have gone longer, then that would be a great indicator that this was nicely aerobic (i.e., below your aerobic threshold heart rate).
    – Optical heart rate monitors are getting better, but the Suunto strap will be much better to rely on for heart rate info.
    – You could try another test, increasing your speed a bit to try and get a better handle on the intensity where you start to see some (3-5%) cardiac drift. That’s would probably be a better estimate of your current aerobic threshold.
    – It’s useful to get a measure that is sport-specific. If your sport is mainly steep hikes, this seems great.

    tracyroth1 on #60151

    Thank You,

    Yes all of the tests were very steady. I did not feel like I could have gone much longer.

    My sport I am training for currently is splitboarding (ski touring) Hut to hut, so yes, Hiking mountains…

    Any advice on setting mu zones?

    Would the following be correct?

    Zone 1 81-101
    Zone 2 101-112
    Zone 3 113- ???
    Zone 4 ???- 190

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