AeT Re-Test – Surprising result, or do i don’t get it?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I did an AeT Outdoor test several Weeks ago. With an avg HR around 141BPM. Because i was not satisfied with the result. I searched a loop which is fairly flat and allows me to run it several times (not out/back). I ran it with a HR around 150-153bpm. Which is way higher than my last test. But again i got a negative Pa:Hr. I could manage that effort longer than the 60-70′. I was fasted and just had a coffee before.
    Next time i will do it on the Treadmill. But can anyone explain to me what happens here? Is it safe to assume top of Z2 is around 150 BPM?
    Sorry for bothering you with this questions but i want to understand this.
    Here is the link to the run:

    Big thanks in advance.
    Greetings from switzerland and have a great day — mirko

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    Anonymous on #28200

    Yes, that sounds like a good idea. I think you’d benefit from a lab test. And keeping most of your volume at 145 or lower sounds like a good plan for now.

    Anonymous on #28337

    Yes, sounds good. I would get a lab test done, and do most of your training in Z1 for now.

    There’s nothing wrong with the five-zone system. Every philosophy’s zones are interpretations of the same thing. The two common markers to all (as far as I know) are the boundaries of Zone 3: aerobic threshold on the bottom and anaerobic on the top.

    nullkru on #28368

    Thanks alot Scott! Your knowledge was super helpful. I’m now more motivated to take my “training” a bit more seriously. i always ran with a HR but only paid attention to it, on my hard days. Now i have a tool which helps me to track my volume/improvement much better. And even start to understand the biological reasons behind it!

    You guys are fantastic!

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