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    Hello everyone!

    Firstly, I am new to this forum and tried to find threads related to my question (but couldn’t find any).
    Secondly, thanks to the authors of Uphill Athlete for this amazing book and knowledge collection!

    Yesterday I tried the AeT test described here:

    Outdoor DIY Guide to Determining Your Aerobic Threshold

    The text says, that this only applies to 70% of the people, and I was curious if this applies to me.

    In mid of 2019 I did a laboratory test and had an AeT at 143 bpm (never trained with a plan and most of the time too intense (Z3/4).
    Then I got the advice to train only in Z1/2 and got the book “uphill athlete”.

    Yesterday I followed the test precisely and ended up with a AeT of 165bpm, which seems too high for me. (5-10% ascent, 14:50min only nose breathing)

    Are there any other tests besides doing a lab test (too expensive right now)?

    If it is of any help, I can also upload my tracked session.

    To my person:
    I am a 27 years old man and mainly practice trailrunning and skimountaineering, in 2021 I trained 500h, 120.000m ascent. (80% of this was Z1/2).

    Thanks a ton for any input!

    Have a great day!

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