AeT or AnT wrong?

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    I am a 32, 33 in July, year old male living in Colorado. I don’t know if I am doing soemthing wrong or misunderstanding something. I wear a Garmin HRM pro chest strap paired to my garmin Fenix 7 watch.
    My Aet is 160 bpm. Today I did the AnT test on a trail run, 2.51 miles with 1,017 feet of elevation gain in 30:02, my average heart rate was 182 bpm and I hit a max of 191 bpm.

    I believe my max heart rate is 191 or 192. Since AnT is supposed to be top of zone 3, is it normal to have that wide of a range for zone 3? (161-182)? Could I be wrong about my AeT and it is actually higher than 160?
    Thank you for all the help,

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