AeT heart rate drift test by hiking outdoor?

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    First of all, sorry for my bad English (not my first language), and thanks a lot for all of ressources provided by uphill athlete.

    Concerning my problem: despite the fact that I mainly hike, I was envisaging to do my AeT test by running as I don’t have access to an inclined treadmill anymore and it is said in the 24 week mountaineering plan that “if you are primarily going to be hiking for your training, do this test as a hike on a treadmill or stair machine”, so nothing about testing outdoor except by running.
    However, in the last podcast Steve explain that he do the test as a hike on the steep route. Does this mean that if the Pa:Hr of the test is between 3.5% and 5%, then I have found my AeT despite the fact that I hike on a steep terrain with changing grade? (for example grades between 5% and 15%, as on one of my preferred training route) Or is it just for more intuitive testing like nose breathing test?


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