AeT guesstimate from these tests?

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    Rob L

    I decided to do my AeT using a power target as I have a pan-flat, out-and-back course along the coast. It’s a bit windy sometimes, but as the running power meter I use takes wind into account, I thought power would be a better target than pace and that I could do my tests outdoors like I might on a treadmill (rather than having a HR target).

    In hindsight, I should have aimed for a HR target.

    I’ve done three tests now and still haven’t reached my AeT. I seem to be getting fitter each time I do the test. I up the power target, but my HR stays the same or drops for a higher average pace.

    According to the AnT test I did a few days ago, my AnT is 165. So I’m not mistaking the two thresholds I don’t think.

    My question is if for the test results in the attached image, can assume my AeT is probably around 150? I’ve just started the Big Vert plan and would like to get on with it instead of doing the test again.

    On the positive side, regardless of whether the data are useful for my AeT, I think I’ve found a workout I respond to at least!

    Thanks in advance! Thanks also for the website and book (TftUA). They are great resources!

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    Reed on #47758

    I don’t know much about running power meters, but from what I’ve read they are indirect measures of output. Less reliable than a bike or rowing power meter. On flat ground, pace is probably a better metric.

    It sounds as though the wind affected your first test, to the point that it’s not going to give you good data on your aerobic threshold. So, if you throw out that test, you have two data points suggesting that you can hold a 145bpm, 5:10/min pace at or below aerobic threshold. I assume that’s 5 minutes per kilometer, not per mile. 🙂

    150bpm for your AeT sounds like a reasonable assessment. If you want to be conservative, set the top of your Zone 1 at something like 135bpm, and accumulate time in Z1.

    Rob L on #47772

    Yes, Reed, min/km. I wasn’t thinking about where I was posting this 🙂

    I do plan to train mainly in Z1, and 135 was the limit I had in mind for now unless someone says 150 may be way off.

    I’ve actually been training in Z1 by accident for a few years now just trying to avoid and get over injuries and niggles.

    The new thing for me on the UA plan I’ve just started will be the much higher amount of climbing than I’m used to. I’ve always done more running on the flat, even when training for mountain events.

    I’m interested to see what effect it will have on my trail running.


    Anonymous on #48037

    What Reed said!

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