AeT drifty test with HR drop

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    Hey y’all,
    I just got my first chest strap HR monitor, and did my first AeT drift test.

    My HR monitor dropped me randomly at minute 37 and around minute 50.

    Can anybody familiar with this stuff put eyes on my data and tell me if I should just do the test again?

    Overall I think I went to slow (I breathed through my nose only for the entire run). Also maybe my course had too much elevation change?
    Also-probably going to get a new HR strap, or make it tighter next time?

    In the screen shots:
    I highlighted before being dropped for my pa:hr 3.53%
    I highlighted after the drop for my pa:hr -.42%
    I highlighted the entire workout with the random drops included pa:hr 6.8%.

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    parkerkempf on #48333

    I guess I should clarify my questions to everyone….based on this more or less faulty drift test from my HR strap being wonky…

    What have you done to improve the ‘dropping’ factor in your HR band? Mine was snug and wetted, but I guess I could crank it tighter?

    Should I aim for a higher HR for my next drift test?

    Should I aim for a flatter course for my next test? (this was around 200′ of gain in 5 1/2 miles)

    Also, in the other AeT forums people are posting AeT’s at like 150, am I just that unfit aiming for 118? I’m a mountain guide in the cascades who runs/bikes/tours a fair amount, I am no stranger to big days in the mountains, and consider myself pretty good at the ‘long burn for many hours’ sort of activities….i’m kind of depressed at my apparent lack of fitness, any insight?


    parkerkempf on #48334

    I wish I could delete my older posts!
    Admin you are welcome to delete this whole thread if you’d like, I hate to clog up the forums with classic gumby questions (don’t want this turning into mountainproject!)

    So I mistook Garmin’s zone 2 (113-131) for TFTNA zone 2 (142-152)
    my assumed MaxHR is 190

    Im going to redo my AeT test on a flat track (with my watch in track mode), tighten my strap, and open up my speed a little more….after this test today I mostly just felt bored, I could have maintained that pace for many many hours.

    Reed on #48355

    Probably a good plan to try another go on a track or a flat course. Looks like your heart rate monitor only cut out for a minute or two – no big deal. Make sure your battery is OK and you have connectivity to your watch, make sure that the chest strap is snug. Wetting the strap and reducing static charge (e.g. from multiple layers of staticky tech shirts) help too.

    Heart rate is very individual. If you can run an eight-minute mile at your aerobic threshold, and I can only run an 8:30 mile, you’re more fit than me. Knowing that your AeT is 150bpm is very valuable for your training, but comparing the fact that your heart rate was 150bpm to my 140 bpm (or 160bpm) isn’t relevant. So – ignore the Garmin or formulaic max heart rate numbers.

    Also – the screenshots you posted show about a 7% decoupling of pace and heart rate. The elevation change might affect that, but maybe not a ton because it was a loop. That would suggest that this effort was above your aerobic threshold. Did you make sure to give yourself an easy 20+ minute warmup before diving in to the AeT test?

    Anonymous on #48423

    What Reed said!

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