AeT Drift Tests, finishing transition period

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    Hello – sorry for another post about the drift test, but I’d like some help interpreting my two attempts. I tried to post this last night, but think I was filtered out because I included training peaks links. I’ll screen shot this time.

    8 weeks into structured training, annual volume of 600 hours in 2020, lots of time at low intensity. Max HR of 214bpm, I have not completed an AnT test, but I plan to next week. I warmed up for both tests for 15 minutes, the warm ups are not included in the files.

    AeT Test #1: Very well rested, aimed for 150bpm, the course was an out and back with 60ft of loss, then 60ft of gain. I think that threw off the test, leading me to believe my AeT was near ~155bpm when it was not.
    2.4% Pa:Hr, 152 bpm avg, 1h, 9:20min/mi, 6.5mi, ~60’+/-

    8 weeks laters… AeT Test #2: I have been training with 157bpm at top of Z2 based on the past test. With the uphill/downhill nature in mind I decided to retest on a loop aiming for 160bpm, hoping to slightly overshoot my AeT. Instead, I had a “better” result, and am questioning the tests validity.
    0.4% Pa:Hr, 162bpm, 1h, 9:10min/mi, 6.6mi, ~80’+/- (but rolling terrain this time!)

    Both efforts were certainly aerobic. The second test I had more trouble maintaining a consistent HR, partially because I was unfamiliar with running at this pace. I was not as well rested for the second test, but was rested.

    I plan to retest, and am considering running on a track if that’s advisable. Open to any feedback about these tests but am particularly curious if (1) either is valid (2) which to place more reliance on, and suggestions for a HR to aim for in future testing. Regardless I’ll keep running at an easy pace, but would like to nail down my HR zones before the long base period.

    Thank you,

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    Shashi on #49468

    For both outdoor AeT tests, terrain was relatively flat, HR seemed relatively stable and Pa:Hr is < 5%. Try sharing the training peaks link again.

    Have you done your AnT Test?

    Anonymous on #49579

    I agree with Shashi. It was probably in the ballpark. If you can do the next one on a track, then the Pa:HR metric in Training Peaks will be helpful to narrow it down.

    Also, as Shashi revisited, if you can do an AnT test (well-rested), then comparing the two will give you a solid perspective on your current base.

    miles on #49580

    Hi Scott, Shashi – I tried to reply with links but think I got filtered out again.

    I completed the AnT Test and found an average HR of 180 over the 30 minute effort.

    I’m working with 162 as my AeT for now until I give the test another go on a track. I appreciate the advice. I’m thinking of jumping up a “bucket” to ~165 for the next AeT test. As this puts me within the 10% rule, I’m planning to very carefully add in intervals on some groomer skinning days.

    Thank you both.

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