AeT Drift Test – pa:hr < 1%

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    Hi, and thanks for this amazing resource!

    I’m 62 with a decent baseline fitness level – have been running casually for years and started strength training last December when I bought a Tonal. Just embarked upon my first measured endurance training program in preparation for the Ortler tour next March. I subscribed to Training Peaks and bought the 8-week Hut-to-Hut training program.

    Here’s where I need help: I’ve run the one-hour (after 15-min warmup) AeT Drift Test three times in the past week (Fri, Mon, Weds). Here are the results:
    1st try: avg HR = 119, pa:hr = 1.45%
    2nd try: avg HR = 123, pa:hr = .56%
    3rd try: avg HR = 127, pa:hr = .09%

    I expect you’ll tell me “do it again with higher avg HR”. But I’m already at a pace that I don’t think I can sustain breathing through my nose, so I feel like something is off. I have no problem going at this pace for an hour with mouth breathing though. Pushing the target HR higher would put it > 80$ of my calculated max HR of 158.

    Any advice much appreciated!

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