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    I just started one of the UA mountain running training plans and have done my first AeT test and an AnT test. Result for the AeT was 131 and AnT was 184 (45 minute test) – a 40% difference. Bottom line is that I clearly have a ADS, but I do have a couple questions:
    -I’m wondering if I should trust my AnT result. My legs were still a little sore from an ME workout a few days prior, it was the hottest day of the year so far, and I didn’t fuel right. Should I re-test, or if this likely in the ballpark of my actual AnT.
    -Out of curiosity, if my AnT is 184, what does it mean that my AnT is so close to my max heart rate (never tested it, just going off of the 220-age which is 34). As I work to fix the ADS, can I expect the AnT and miles/vert output at that level of exertion to drop or will it remain relatively constant?
    -With a 40% difference, should I table the training plan for now and just start putting in a lot of time with Z2 AeT runs?

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    Reed on #53804

    Hi Harrison,

    Nice job getting some data points to help you with your training. The max heart rate formulas are accurate for populations but have huge variability – not helpful for individuals.

    If you went for a 45-minute effort and got a 185bpm or so heart rate average, that’s probably pretty good. I would consider that to be a decent anaerobic threshold number.

    So – if your aerobic threshold test suggested a ~130bpm heart rate, then focusing on Zone 1 and Zone 2 work is definitely a good idea. You might consider continuing to follow a training plan but not, at least for a while, doing much or any Z3 or Z4 work. Muscular endurance might be good to defer, too. General strength training, mobility, patience, and lots of time in Z1/Z2.

    Anonymous on #55304

    In addition to what Reed said, when you have a large AnT / AeT gap, you can test pretty frequently because the test is low-stress.

    Don’t drive yourself crazy with overtesting though. There will always be some variation from day-to-day.

    Harrison on #55357

    Thanks for both replies. I arbitrarily decided to re-test every 6 weeks to check progress until my AeT gets to a better point. Happily, after the last one I’m now at a point where I feel like when I go out for a run I can do more than shuffle my feet. I’m still working hard on managing expectations after the initial blow of my first test results!

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