AeT + AnT ceilings (improvements vs caps)

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    Hi everyone,
    I’ve been training with the TfTUA book since August. I was originally training for the Chuckanut 50km in March of this year but Covid got in the way.

    Over the past (almost year) I’ve done a few AeT and AnT tests, I’ve increased my mileage and blessedly have stayed injury free!!!

    I have some questions about my AeT.[Please re-direct me if these questions have already been asked and answered].

    I know the Maffetone method would put my Aet as 148. I started with this as a ball park. I did my first AeT test on a treadmill and got 147 (September 2019). I was nose breathing. I did an AnT and got 164 (also september 2019). So had ADS, did most of my runs in Z2.

    I have been training consistently, feeling fitter and have been super happy with the progress- not having a running background. In Feb I tested my AeT as 157 (outdoor with TP <5%) and this week I tested it as 159 (outdoor track). With the increased Aet I no longer have/had ADS and switched my long runs etc to Z1.

    TL;DR how much can a person’s AeT’s increase?

    Surely the most important thing is to increase the pace at which I can run at below my Aet?
    There must obviously be a limit to what you can ‘push’ your AeT up to.

    Couple of things:
    -I don’t have ADS.
    -I do nose breathing for all my tests (although I feel a totally natural conversation would be challenging).
    – When it comes time to test my AeT I get concerned that I am overly focused with the numbers and want them to be higher.
    – I have increased my pace in Z1 + Z2. I can now run hills in my area that I used to have to walk.

    Thanks in advance for your knowledge.


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    Anonymous on #43483


    Congratulation on making such great progress. Consistency is the key. I’m glad you are reaping the rewards.

    AeT HR will definitely plateau at some point although elites can have an AeT at 85-90% of max HR and 95% of AnT.

    But even as your AeT HR plateaus your pace at AeT can continue to improve for years. The longest span I’ve heard of is 10 years of steadily improving AeT pace. You’ve just scratched the surface my friend!

    As an ultimate limit look no further than elite marathoners. The marathon is an event that is competed as ones AeT or just slightly above that metabolic point (usually around 2.5mMol/L of blood lactate). Top marathon men are running well under 5min/mile for 26 miles and the world record marathon pace is just over 4:30/mile. I think you’d agree that this is a heck of an AeT pace!

    The sky (your genetics actually) is the limit.


    samjleach on #43546

    Hey Scott,
    Thanks for your in-depth response! Holy smokes that is an incredible amount of potential growth. Definitely appreciate my genes and ability to increase my workload. Super exciting to set my sights on longer races (100km and 100 miler) for the future. Looking back on my running journey it’s mind blowing what I can now accomplish now in just a training week.

    I’m now thinking about Kipchoge and the pace he had to run at to sustain his <2h marathon. 13+ miles an hour at around AeT. I can’t even fathom that!



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