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    I posted this three days ago, but it didn’t post for some reason… delete if duplicate.

    Curious about my Aet test. Do you think I blew this out? My previous test came in with Aet of 133, after 7 weeks of Base training this test I started at about 140 and ended at 158, that’s an 18 beat difference. But the first-half average is 145 and the last-half average is 153. So (145*.05)+145=152.25 Am I reading this correctly? Seems to me I am just barely over the 5% range by .75bpm. Does that mean my Aet is probably not 140? More like 138 or 139? I did this on a treadmill at 14% and 3mph, started after a 25min warmup. Another question, if I am not normally hiking at a 14% grade, rather running rolling hills or city streets, how crucial is it that I test my Aet running rather than walking? It seems like the treadmill is easier to control than my own pace.
    I will link my test in the comments once this post posts.

    I recently did my Ant threshold and came up w 168 if I did it correctly, I will also link this once this post is up….. So I started at 35bpm difference between the two. I would have to get my Aet to 155 to cure my ADS, which seems unachievable at the moment.

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    Rachel on #46870

    I usually subtract 5% off the upper end, which would get you a lower end of 145.35. I’d say you are good with 140 but you could use a slightly lower number if it helps you stay below the threshold. I usually set an alarm a few beats lower. Btw my Aet and AnT are similar to yours. It’s gonna take me a while to raise the AeT but in the meantime I have noticed that I’m getting faster at a lower heart rate so that helps keep me motivated.

    Anonymous on #46873

    153/145=1.055 or 5.5% upward drift with a starting HR of 140. I’d suggest using 140 as the top of Z2. No physiological tests are accurate to the second (or even the first) decimal place. AeT will vary from day to day depending on recovery state. Somedays 140 will feel fast and easy other days it will feel slow and laborious. Those days indicate that you are not recovered.

    Do the test protocol using the same modality you do most of your training at for the best values of AeT and AnT. If you run mostly, this test should be done running.

    Don’t despair about the ADS. Your AeT will surely go up to 155 given several months of dedicated Z2 training. We see this kind of spread all the time and we see the improvement all the time too. Be patient. Read all the posts here or the testimonials from folks who had much worse ADS and cured it.


    hikerobby on #46902

    Thanks for this and many of your other detailed forum replies Scott! It’s so valuable to all of us that are using your resources!

    hikerobby on #47196

    So I did this test again yesterday, this time outdoors, on one of my 1:30 Aet runs. I had a gain and loss of less than 50 feet on roads. I ran for 1:30 targetting 140bpms, my average HR was actually 142 and my Pa:Hr was between -0.26 to 1.5 depending on which section I highlight.

    Since that is very much below 3% does that suggest my Aet is actually higher than 142? That would be awesome but it would also surprise me that I have a higher Aet outdoors than in the treadmill test I wrote about above.

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