AeT and Altitude

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    I am curious about whether to change your heart rate zones based on the altitude you are exercising at. For a bit of context, I live ~5,000ft, and can nose breathe up to ~140bpm there. Recently, I went on a run while on a work trip to 1,700ft, and could easily nose breathe into the 150-155bpm range, and had a 0% Pa:Hr with an average heart rate of almost 150bpm, so definitely within my aerobic capacity.

    Is this much of a difference in heart rate at different altitudes expected? If so should I use the nose breathing heart rate at all altitudes as my AeT? Or should I use a specific value at all altitudes? I am also curious if I should then lower my AeT significantly when I do hikes/runs at 10,000ft+ in altitude?


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    Due to the variation in individual response to altitude and where one is coming from. You live at 5k others will be coming from sea level there is now way to apply a blanket formula to something so individual.

    We know that your submax HR will be elevated at the same pace as will your breathing. We just can’t say how much.


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