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    Natalie Keoleian


    I initially completed the aerobic threshold test on 1/10 and my result was 136 (The drift was around 4.6%). I got a chest strap HRM and decided to do it again today.

    Today’s pace was increased slightly (0.3mph) from the 1/10 test and I was working harder too. I was still able to speak in full sentences (though not several in a row). My threshold result was 146 and drift was 4.6%.

    I noticed that my first few aerobic workouts in zone 2 (after the 1/10 test) felt fairly easy, if that indicates anything.

    Which result should I use?


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    Coach on #62370

    To clarify, have you done two aerobic threshold tests In the last two weeks? Our HR’s change day to day, but a ten beat difference is quite a lot. How recovered were you for both of these tests? Did you do a longer warm-up on one? I always err on the side of caution and would say use the 136 bpm as AeT if your drift was already at 4.6%. If 136 feels easy, sustainable, and like you can recover day after day even within 12hrs, I would suggest you train at or below that heart rate. Carolyn might have more comments, but that is where I would start.
    I hope that helps!

    Anonymous on #62375

    Also to clarify, you said you got a chest strap for your HR monitor after you did the first test? Did you do the first test with just wrist data and the second test with the chest strap? If this is the case the second test is the more accurate one. Wrist data is not accurate for most HR data collection.

    However if both tests were done with the chest strap I’d err on the side of being conservative as Maya recommended.

    Natalie Keoleian on #62494

    Hi! Yep, I did two. Same amount of warm up time.

    First test
    * watch HR monitor
    * very recovered
    * felt like I could have gone forever

    Second test
    * chest strap monitor
    * less recovered – legs were a little tired
    * felt like I could have gone for another hour or so

    Anonymous on #62496

    Hi Natalie,
    Based on all this information the first test is not accurate. Wrist data.
    The second test is and if you are at 4.6% drift that 146 is your AeT. And you are right at it. Because over 5% drift is above threshold.

    Actual threshold work can feel harder because you are truly at your Aerobic Threshold, about to go Anaerobic or into Zone 3.

    Ideally that second test should have been done with fresh legs and well rested.

    So use 146 for now, but remember that that number is the upper limit of zone two and your workouts should not all be done reaching for that number but staying below it.
    And can be done well below it to build aerobic base. your zone 2 would be 132-146, slow down if HR bumps up against the 146.

    In a month or so, with well recovered legs try the test again with the chest strap etc and see how it goes. ( :
    I hope this helps.

    Natalie Keoleian on #62501

    Great!! Thank you both so much.

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