Aerobic Threshold Run Workouts, Warm Up

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    Justin Jones

    This is a question for the coaches.

    On the programmed workouts that read “Aerobic Threshold run. 15 min warm up, Start out very easy and slowly build your pace / HR up to lower Zone 2 and holding in that zone for the duration.” Let’s say it’s a 45 min workout on Training Peaks… Does the 15 minute warmup count towards that 45 min workout period? Or should it be done before starting the timer on 45 min workout? In that case it’d be 15 minutes warmup and 45 minutes at pace accounting for an hour.

    I’m just asking to know how much time I’ll need to set aside for these workouts.


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    Jane Mackay on #79442

    Hi Justin, the warmup is counted as part of the workout time. So in the case of your example, it would be 15 mins warmup and 30 mins run.

    Justin Jones on #79468

    Perfect. Thank you so much.

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