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    Hi there,

    I started my 24 week mountaineering training plan and completed my Aerobic threshold test. I need to set up my zones but am now unsure if I should redo the test? My drift was less than 1 percent. I warmed up for 15 minutes, restarted my watch and ran for a little over an hour. My target was 145. This felt easy and comfortable. I am pretty good at endurance and it feels easier the longer I run up to around 13-15 miles. I do take a while to warm up though which is why I ran a little longer than an hour. My paces were very close to each other. I can’t attach the file because it says I can’t upload a .fit file. Any suggestions on how to upload the workout. Should i repeat? Does that drift amount indicate I was running too fast? Too slow? I want to get my zones correct, but I’m not sure what I did wrong. Thanks!

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    jtjarrett2003 on #62763

    Here is a photo of the workout.

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    jtjarrett2003 on #62771

    Here is a link to my training peaks workout.

    Reed on #62780

    Looks great – looks like your run was well within your aerobic capacity. You can probably take your aerobic threshold (top of Zone 2) to be around 150bpm. It might be higher, but there’s no downside to being conservative.

    In addition to continuing to spend time running in zone 1 and zone 2, you might consider seeing if there’s any other low-hanging fruit. A few things to explore:

    – Core strength (maybe Scott’s Killer Core routine twice per week, or check out the Chamonix Mountain Fit video program).
    – Technique & form – your cadence averaged ~160 strides per minute (80rpm). Try experimenting with a slightly faster cadence like 180spm if you’re running on flat. Danny Dryer / Chi Running interview:
    – General strength (squats etc.) if the ability to generate force is a limiting factor

    jtjarrett2003 on #62787

    Thank you, Reed. Appreciate the feedback. I watched the link on Chi Running and that was really helpful. I will work on my cadence. Becoming more efficient would be great.

    I just started adding back in Scott’s Killer core routine this week. I did it last year for my preparation to climb Mount Baker and found it extremely effective. I strength train probably more than I need to but find it benefits my climbing and aids in my recovery. Thanks again!


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