Aerobic Maintenance Volume/Returning from injury

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    Hey all,

    I have been following consistent Zone 2 training to improve my AeT since spring and have seen big improvements, reducing the difference between thresholds from 45 to 20 % and improving pace from 6:20/K to 4:30/K. First of all, thanks to all of you here at Uphill Athlete for the resources in TftUA and this website drawing my attention to ADS.

    I have been going mostly non stop since Spring and until recently was feeling great but recently took a slight fall and managed to bruise a muscle. Unfortunately this got worse with some lower volume training so some enforced time off is needed.

    After my recovery I would like to spend some time at a maintenance volume to recharge.

    I seem to remember a previous post recommending 70 % volume as maintenance. Is this correct?



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    Sorry to hear about your injury. Congratulations on your great progress in fitness. The good news is that your fitness will come back to its previous level a lot faster that it took to gain it in the first place. While there is no rule of thumb as where to start when you are able to train again. It is going to depend on who long you took off and your fitness. The most important thing is to start back conservatively, probably at a lower volume that you might want to. It’s way better to, at the end of the first 1-2 weeks training, to say: “I feel great and I think I can do more” Than it is to feel wrecked and need to take time off or get re-injured. Try starting at 50% for week 1 and seeing how you feel. Then adjust up to 60% if that felt easy and so on. Allow about as much time to regain your previous volume as you took off with the injury.


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    Also note that your time off with the injury may have been a blessing in disguise. “mostly non stop” for 6-8 months is a long time without a break.

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