Aerobic Day – workout timing and syncing

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    Two questions. First, for the run (as opposed to the run/walk progression) do we include the 10 min warmup in the 30 minutes, or is that supposed to be prior to the 30 minutes? Second, I noticed that the walk/run progression automatically syncs to my Garmin, but I’m not seeing just the run itself being an option. I’m not yet an expert on my Garmin so may be missing it, but thought I’d check in. Thanks!

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    Yes include the 10min warm up in the total 30min. If you are a big runner you can do that jogging easily if you would prefer rather than a brisk walk. The aerobic workouts are not going to sync to your Garmin because it isn’t possible for me to write out all of the options that are in the aerobic day (Skiing, hiking, and running). I would have to write many more boxes and that ends up confusing everyone and make syncing the data from the day even more confusing. So, unfortunately you will have to read the workouts the day of and do them accordingly!

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    Thanks, and no problem. Just wanted to make sure if they were there that I wasn’t missing it. : )

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