Aerobic base building- weighted vs unweighted

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    I’m trying to concur my ADS. Im almost 3 months into training and just now was wondering with my overall goal being backpacking, especially in the mountains out west.

    I started on the treadmill at max incline for mine its 10%, mainly bc i was watching my kids and only way I could train.

    I recently started out, I live in flat land usa and to reach and maintain my heart rate under my AeT, I jog.

    My question is does aerobic base depend on weight or not? Should I figure out how to elevate my heart rate wearing a pack on flat city streets or just keep jogging and maybe transition into a weight vest and jog?

    I was thinking just get to with in 10% and start doing more zone 3 and 4 to increase speed ect and introduce ME workouts. Or can I start ME workouts as long as I keep under AeT?

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    Shashi on #45081

    ME workout typically comes in towards the end of your training cycle when you move to event-specific training. For e.g. I am following the 24-week mountaineering plan and ME (Z3 Weighted Climb) is after I have gone through the Transition and Base period.

    I would recommend completing your Base period and then adding ME workouts, unless you have a trip coming up shortly.

    You will find this article on Muscular Endurance helpful. Read ME Caveat.

    Anonymous on #45094

    Shashi is correct. Id you’ve got ADS then work to correct that first then add weight and higher intensity.


    juskojj on #45097

    Ok but that doesn’t answer if it matters if aerobic base is affected by weight or not? If I jog and correct ADS is it fixed or do I have to redo it when I start carrying weight?

    Shashi on #45100

    Ok but that doesn’t answer if it matters if aerobic base is affected by weight or not?

    Running with a weight vest might result in injury and potentially have an ME effect. You can adjust your speed to be in the desired zone (Z1/Z2).

    Check out this forum topic.

    If I jog and correct ADS is it fixed or do I have to redo it when I start carrying weight?

    As far as you do maintenance Z1/Z2 workouts, I am assuming your Aerobic Capacity should remain steady.

    jakedev on #45110

    So I do Aerobic hiking with weight. My goal is very long day hikes, summits, and climbing, and trail running is secondary.

    I started with bodyweight and had to go very slow but after some time that got too easy. Meaning I had to go very fast to keep my HR even in Z1.

    I started adding weight 5# at a time if it got too easy and am at 20# now, which is 11% bodyweight. There is an article out there that talks about adding weight incrementally when training your aerobic base training, but to never go above 30% of bodyweight.

    To quantify and gauge improvement if you are using a treadmill then doing a HR drift test every week will help you see improvement trends. IE if you are hiking on a treadmill with 10# and your HR Drift is < 2% maybe it’s time to add 5#.

    I made a big mistake my first season and counted all my ME time (60# pack) as aerobic training simply because my HR was < AeT. Big mistake so I had a 8 week period where I did hardly any aerobic training and it showed that ice season.

    I hope my story makes sense, helps, and answers your questions. If I find that article I will post it here. Cheers


    juskojj on #45112

    Thanks! That’s exactly what I was wondering!

    Might be hard for me living in a flat city but I do have a treadmill as boring as that is.

    Anonymous on #45324

    To restate what Jake said, the intensity from ME is not represented by heart rate. The load is local (in the legs) and HR will likely be lower than the actual intensity. HR may be Z1/2 while the leg load is Z3.

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