Aerobic base building after injury

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    Hi all,

    I’m coming off an MCL sprain and am looking to get back to the aerobic base building phase. I realize how long it takes to rebuild your base will depend on the activity levels prior to injury but I was wondering if I should treat this as starting from square 1 or if I can structure my training assuming I will be able to ramp up mileage and vert within 2-4 weeks.

    Goal: 3x 6-14 hour mountain runs/scrambles in three days, 7 weeks from today (between 20-50km each); no time goals, just to enjoy and get it done
    Activity details prior to injury: 6-8 hours low intensity (ski touring and running/hill hiking) and 2-3 median-high intensity per week (skimo Z4, hill sprints and track workouts)
    Injury: grade II MCL sprain, no activity other than cycling for past 2 months

    Plan: 2 weeks of ramping up weekly mileage/vert then a 4 week block of aerobic base building (low intensity running and hill hiking to simulate goal activities) and one week rest

    Any thoughts/help/critiques are much appreciated!


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    LindsayTroy on #54414

    While I’m not a doctor, I have (unfortunately) a lot of experience coming off injuries and I have learned the hard way that its best to not try to plan too far out. Rather, plan a week of activity at a time and judge how you feel after each work out to decide if you complete the next day’s workout or if you rest. Then, if you completed the whole week’s workout, do a small increase for the next week.

    You will come back stronger and faster if you take it slow and cautious rather than deciding a priori on a plan for returning to your prior fitness levels.

    KT on #54422

    Thanks Lindsay, very much appreciate the advice!

    I think you’re absolutely right and I need to reframe what my return to activity will look like.



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