Aerobic and Anaerobic Threshold Testing near Portland Oregon

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    Anyone know of a testing lab to recommend in the Portland Metro Area? I’ve only been able to find Korr Cardiocoach VO2 max testing through google which claims to calculated AeT and AnT but only has 1 minute ramp ups which from reading other forum posts is not long enough of sections.

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    Anonymous on #42863

    I’m not familiar with the area, but 1-minute stages are way too short. You’ll blow right past AeT. You could ask if they’re willing to do 3-minute stages?

    Anonymous on #42865

    Scott Semple is 100% correct. Do not waste your time or money on this test. I recommend doing your AeT determination using our HR drift test. It is very reliable, cheap and easy and you can retest in a couple of months to see your progress. I also recommend doing our outdoor field test for AnT. It will give you a better result than a gas test.


    PaulB on #42868

    If you do want to get a lab test, Clark College in Vancouver offers one. I did their Metabolic Profile Testing and it was exactly what has been described on this site (warm up, 3 min stages, etc). I emailed back and forth with the guy who runs it to make sure the test would work for what I wanted.

    He gives you a bunch of recommendations about zones, etc. For me, the info that was most useful was VT1, Fat Max HR, and calories burned along with % carb vs. fat at various HRs. He didn’t want to give me the raw data but eventually did after I bugged him a bit.

    It’s only $100 so if you really want the lab test it won’t break the bank. But, as Scott J said, the HR drift test is free. I did my lab test a couple years ago and it gave me a good starting point for AeT but I’ve used HR drift ever since for AeT and a local track to test AnT.

    Anonymous on #42892

    In general, if a lab talks about VT1 and FatMax, that’s a good sign.

    DominicPNW on #52384

    Coming in very late to this, but I second the recommendation for Clark. Steve is pretty knowledgeable and willing to work with you on requirements. Unfortunately they’ve been closed for almost a year due to quarantine.

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