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    Hello everyone! I’m new here, but have already found so many valuable resources. I’ve got the big training book as well as the log, which I think is super helpful. Anyway, I’ve got a question specifically about recovering from sickness. Here goes.

    Some (brief-ish) context:

    1. This is my first time going through the training plan.

    2. My goals are REALLY light — climb Mt. Borah and Thompson Peak in Idaho; basically two big hikes without any technical components. I’m mostly trying to get back into shape (was a high school athlete, didn’t do much of anything in my 20s other than rely on natural high metabolism etc.), and now I’m 33.

    The problem: live in the Boise area, and my wife and I have a 1-year-old. Starting in the fall when my wife got sick on a trip to visit family in Florida, one or all of us has basically been sick basically from October until now (January). I was through my Transition period and about to start the Base period when things got a bit worse than an annoying cold.

    My current run is: a really bad case of COVID first weekend (103 fever), a flare-up of sciatica the next weekend, crippling stomach bug the weekend after that.

    So, what do I do? Add in a few recovery/additional transition weeks? Wait until I’m all the way better and start over? Just figuring out how to navigate this.

    TLDR: tons of sickness in the family mostly from daycare from our baby; do I just wait until the spring to really get back into my plan or keep trying to push through as I feel able?


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    Thomas Summer, MD on #75104

    For how long have you been healthy now? When was the last day of fever? How do you feel at the moment?
    You should only train if you feel totally healthy. Start slow and see how your body reacts. Don’t force anything and take it day by day. When in doubt do less. And never push through anything!
    First thing should always be to be healthy. And every training is better then getting sick again and not being able to train at all.
    So focus on health first and support your immune system. Everything else will follow.
    This is what I would recommend.

    Hope that helps!
    Gute Besserung!

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