Advice needed for protecting heals in new boots

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    Justin Jones

    I got some new mountaineering boots from REI for Christmas in preparation for Orizaba in March. They’re nice Scarpa’s. I’m gonna try to wear them an hour or see each week to kinda break them in before the expedition in 8 weeks. But naturally, today after I got done with an hour outdoor hike I had skin pealing at the heal as I know can happen.

    Anyone got advice on how best to protect the skin on my heal as I break these suckers in? Any and all tips/tricks would be appreciated.

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    Nate Emerson on #61462

    Hi Justin, that’s a really common problem when switching from flexible footwear to a more rigid mountaineering boot. I wrote some comments in the following thread:

    Denali 2022

    Some of the peeling could be due to technique and some could be due to the footwear. It’s hard to “break in” footwear like this. You might have a lot more luck looking at technique/mobility, fit/lacing, and socks.
    You raise a great point about wearing them around each week. In some cases, it could be helpful to wear them around the house. Our bodies are pretty creative at adapting, and more time in the boots – even outside of exercise – might be helpful.

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