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    So I just started on the 8-week advanced rock alpinist plan after 7 weeks of transition and 1 week holiday (during which I only did the casual walking around)

    My question is about the aerobic sessions of which there are 4 in the first weeks at least.
    One is pretty clear that is about vertical meters but what about the other 3 (named trail runs or aerobic capacity long)?

    Should they focus on vertical as well meaning I can do them with 15% incline on the tread mill or can I just do them as trail or flat runs and forget the vertical gain for these? (in the later weeks of the program some runs say along the canal,parks so I m guessing those are flat runs)
    side note: my trails will not give me the same vertical as 15% incline for the same duration workout.

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    Accumulating vertical aerobic volume is a good thing for any of the mountain sports we cover. However doing too much of this can leave your legs pretty hammered. If you are doing most of your vert on a treadmill this hammering effect won’t be so pronounced because you do not have downhills. This kind of stock plan has to cater to a wide spread in individual work capacity. When we design these stock plans they need to be a compromise and take a middle ground. The flatter runs are meant to allow for some recovery from the hilly runs. If you are handling the vert well then I suggest you keep that up as it is more specific to the event you are training for. If on the other hand you find that your legs are getting really worked from all the vert then you may need more flat recovery runs.


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