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    Hello All,

    Carolyn and I wanted to create further opportunities for discussion by creating a forum post for each plan! This thread will start any discussion or questions for those who are on the Advanced plan.

    We would love to hear goals, questions, or funny stories!
    -Maya and Carolyn

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    Melissa Gosney on #66103

    Hi – I’m on the advanced plan. I’m having fun with the Heart Rate monitor. I’ve trained a lot for ultra distance racing but never used a HR monitor. I’m adapted to a higher volume than the UA Advanced plan prescribes AND I’m filling in to as needed. I have a mountaineering objective for June and a big multi-day run objective for September. I’m curious what you would suggest for adding speed work-outs or training ideas for my mountain objective. Thanks, Missy

    Coach on #66158

    Hello Missy,

    Great question, speed workouts can be really important especially for athletes who have competitive goals. The thing with speed work is it can be tricky to know if everyone is ready for it. Speed comes from power and efficiency and it is something I am careful with as a coach especially in a group format where I am not monitoring each athlete’s strength and ability. A safe way to start adding in some faster running is doing it on a incline as you will be limited by how fast you can go which can protect yourself from injury. The advanced plan does have intensity in it that can lend itself as speed work.

    Carolyn may have other thoughts on this as well!

    Angeliena Kam on #67164

    Hi! I really love all the strength routines 🙂
    For the upper body routine, it only takes me about 20 mins tops, including a complete 10-min warmup. I’m doing each rep slowly. Is the 45-min allotment important to fulfill? Should I do more sets?

    Thank you!

    Coach on #67197

    Hello Angelina,

    Great question! For strength training like this you do not need to fill the 45min, it is just a suggested time since we are unsure how quickly people move through the gym.

    I am glad to hear you are liking it 🙂

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