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ADS or Poor ME training?

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    Kyle Brundage


    I started the ME/Climbing Specific training this week on the 3-Month plan for Rainier next month. I’m now using 3.0lbs of ankle weights on each foot and 60lbs in the pack on a stairmill (motor-driven, the weight setting seems to make no impact besides the calorie estimate feature) but by the time my legs are burning my heart rate is up in the 160s and 170s. 60lbs is roughly 34% of my bodyweight.

    My initial AnT treadmill test came out with an avg heart rate of 178 (30 min test) so I’ve been using 80-90% of that number for all my aerobic cardio and the other corresponding percentages for intervals and tempo work.

    I was doing powerlifting before starting the program and I was squatting in the low 400’s, so I am wondering maybe I am just an outlier in this training? In the Strength box steps, I got up to 70lbs in each hand without issue. The weight seemed to impact my back and shoulders more than my legs.

    My breathing becomes “noisy and labored” around 155-160, which is just shy of 10% of my AnT. Do you guys think I should just continue the Zone 2 aerobic workouts, or drop them down to Zone 1? I can’t tell if I still have poor cardio or need more weight, so that I move slower but tax the legs more. Keep in mind, I can still nosebreathe in the 160’s but would probably have to speak in very short sentences. It is certainly beyond Zone 1. I use a GoRuck GR1 pack and I’m filling almost every pocket I can.

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    Anonymous on #26143


    With your strength training background you surely do fall outside of the normal range for most mountain athletes. I’ve seen this before. I’ve had strong guys needing to carry 90ld pack to get this ME training effect. These athletes tend to be more aerobically limited and surely not strength limited. Work to move your AeT up. I suggest finding the AeT NOT with nose breathing. See the recent forum post about nose breathing. Use the HR drift test to find AeT.


    Kyle Brundage on #26213

    You would be absolutely right. I did the AeT test today as suggested based off drift. I shot for a HR below the MAF suggestion; 24 yrs old so 156bpm.

    I began with 147bpm and 10% treadmill incline, 20 minute warm-up.

    First 30 Minutes:
    Min: 142/Avg: 153/Max: 163

    Second 30 Minutes:
    Min: 160/Avg: 168/Max: 177

    Unfortunately, almost 10% drift. I’m going to drop my aerobic sessions down to 130-135bpm and go from there, testing again in a few weeks.

    Anonymous on #26233

    Good decision!

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