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    30+ year judo competitor here. A lifetime of nothing but short, high intensity energy bursts. I have both books and have been really interested to dip my toes in the endurance training world for the first time at age 53.

    I’m currently one month into working on ADS. I debated getting a gray wig and a walker to abate my embarrassment at toddling along so slowly on my local walking trails but have just resigned myself to the trot/walk cycle while keeping an eye on the HR monitor.

    My question is this: Sometimes I zone out for a bit and when I glance at the monitor, i see my HR has popped up to 160. I curse and start walking to get it back down. At the end of a run my Garmin will shit on me because I may have 45 minutes in the proper zone but had a cumulative time of 2-3 mins in zone 4 or 5. Does that short amount of time in the higher ranges undo all my good work or is Garmin just being too nitpicky?

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    Not the end of the world. As you speed up at AeT this will happen less and less. IN the meantime do the best you can.


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