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    Hello i was just wishing to please have a second opinion regarding a couple of new Aet tests.

    I tried to continue an old topic so as to not start a new post but the site wasn’t allowing a response on the thread, so i apologise for starting a new one.

    Back in August i established my Aet was 152.

    Shortly after i did an AnT test with an average heart rate of 189 and a max of 200. Results below

    AnT test:

    I just wanted to show the last 2 Aet tests i did a couple of weeks ago to see if I’ve cured my ADS.
    The first was negative, so the second i aimed for 171ish at the start, and from what i could tell got a drift of 3.1%.

    Both tests were on a treadmill with a 3%incline, with the 15min warmup and i was using a polar heart strap.

    First test (negative) Aet Jan 5:

    Second test (drift of 3.1 %?) Aet Jan 7:

    i still get these weird drops in HR like i always have been, which i think is a connectivity issue. Scott suggested back in august to use aloe vera which i did and it somewhat helped but I think it comes down to being a bit bony, or when i blow my nose or random stuff like that. Ive gone through 2 heart straps so the issue cant be put done to one.

    I put in around 780 hours of zone 1 and 2 work last year and think I’m ready to add zone 3 work now given what the tests indicated, but i just wished to see what others thought.

    i felt really fresh after each of those recent Aet tests.

    Would i be correct in setting 171-173 HR as the top of my Zone 2?

    Many thanks


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    d.c on #51943

    Thanks for your reply Scott.

    i have been doing the hill sprints weekly for the past year, aswell as cycling through the gym ME workouts and Max strength workouts.

    The strides is something i neglected abit but will start them up.

    Really look forward to the 30/30s later on

    Many thanks!

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